Friday, October 7, 2011

Christina Perri making a 'Breaking Dawn' music video

Christina Perri, whose song "A Thousand Miles" will appear on the Official Breaking Dawn - Part 1 Soundtrack, has revealed on her Twitter that she's been working on a music video for the same.

  1. just had the most epic the most epic dress... for my epic #breakingdawn
    "a thousand years" music video shoot tomorrow! ahhh!

  2. official update from my top secret #breakingdawn "a thousand years" music video shoot: "AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" :)

  3. it's a wrap on my music video for "a thousand years"!!!!!!!! omgoodness it was unforgettable. can't wait for u to see!!! :)

She also shared this photograph of herself holding a "Team Edward" cupcake.

Perri is an admittedly long-standing Twilight fan, and she recently even admitted having a Twilight tattoo.

With each Twilight Saga album to-date, at least one of the featured videos included footage from the respective film. 
With Twilight it was Paramore's "Decode"

It looks like Perri's will be the latest, for Breaking Dawn - Part 1.

Thanks to: Twi-Examiner

Are you excited? I can't wait to see it!!! :D

Anna Kendrick to appear on UTV's "This Morning" show

Anna Kendrick will be appearing on UTV's "This Morning Show" next Friday (October 14th) at 10:30AM, to talk about her new film 50/50 and Twilight.

Will you be watching?