Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Moon Trailer

Cast pics from Kings of Leon Concert

Rob & Kristen 'might' be the BIG story of the day with the possible 'Kissing' but the rest of the cast were at Kings of Leon last night as well :0)

This pic makes me laugh - i like to think they were looking @ 'Robsten' but they are looking the wrong way.

This post deserves a SQUEEEEEEEEE - Kissing or not YOU decide

Rob & Kristen set tongues wagging at Kings of Leon concert last night with cast mates in Vancouver.

Talking or leaning in....?

Talking !

Why so coy?

The look of love?




"Have we been papped?"

Mirroring - True sign of Love / Attraction

Has anyone else noticed Jackson, Bryce & Kellan in this pic - it took me a minute or two as well!

Happy Birthday to Cam Gigandet

Cam Gigandet (aka bad vamp James) turns 27 today.

These pics almost make us wish Edward hadn't killed him in the first movie. There is always more room for gratuitous man candy like this ;0)

Cast at Kings of Leon Concert last night in Vancouver

Thinking of Rob has posted pics of Rob, Kristen & Jacob arriving at the Kings of Leon Concert in Vancouver last night.

Meanwhile, tweeted this - '
The Twilight cast went to the Kings of Leon show after dinner w/Mr. Weitz and now they are partying with KOL...very cool night for the cast'

Oh to live in Vancouver right about now...

Click on the 'Thinkin of Rob' link above for more pics

Japanese already selling tickets to New Moon & you get a free gift

Think I need to send this to Irish cinemas - give them a clue on how to treat their customers. Free gifts with advancd purchase of tickets.

Kellan goes for a run & is in need of some support !!

Now, Ladies & Gents, I'm all for posting pictures of the beautiful Kellan Lutz and all his 'muscular glory' (im so going to regret that term) but even I had trouble concentrating on the muscles in his arms when I saw these pictures - I dare you to keep your eyes above his waist....let me know if you succeed.

Jackson Rathbone (Jasper Hale) was nearly cast as Edward Cullen!!

Catherine Hardwicke said yesterday that her top 4 choices for the part of Edward in Twilight were the following:

Jackson Rathbone - who eventually was cast as Jasper Hale (& of 100 Monkeys Fame)

Ben Barnes (from Chronicles of Narnia)

Shiloh Fernandez (CSI:NY & Gossip Girl & lots of other Tv Roles)

and, of course:

Robert Pattinson - (Harry Potter, Bad Mothers Handbook,)

Personally i'm very happy she went with Rob - would you have picked anyone else? And did Kristen have to kiss all 4 guys during auditions ?

Robert Pattinson is ENGAGED - or Not - Reason no 6 million why we love Gossip Cop

And he's not engaged to Kristen Stewart or Nikki Reed. Actually the article doesn't name who Robert Pattinson's supposed lucky lady is at all.

Allie Is Wired (should that be Weird not Wired)reports that Robert has been dating a woman for four years and just proposed to her on her recent birthday. This is according to a snitch works with someone very close to Rob.

Here's what the source had to say: They've had an on and off relationship that became more "on" and serious over the past year. He's been afraid for her safety, which is why every single person who works with him has to sign these detailed confidentiality agreements agreeing to never talk about his personal life, and his handlers and him have gone to extreme lengths to make sure they're never seen together, and every time they are together it is set up in such great detail that you'd think it was the secret service and he was the President.
Gossip Cop To the Rescue -

Gossip Cop couldn’t pass up on pointing out how ridiculous this “Robert Pattinson Is Engaged!” story is. While the blog Allie is Wired reports as fact that Robert Pattinson is engaged, and goes to lengths to say he hasn’t proposed to Kristen Stewart or “any of his co-stars,” the item is missing one teensy weensy detail — to whom?!

Hmm. Maybe Cinderella? The Little Mermaid? They’re both as real as this story.

From New Moon to Nurse Jackie with Peter Facinelli

Best known for his portrayal of Carlisle Cullen, the patriarch of the Cullen vampire clan in the hugely successful Twilight saga films, Peter Facinelli is also currently starring in the popular Showtime television series Nurse Jackie, opposite Edie Falco.

Juggling fatherhood (he and his wife, actress Jennie Garth, have three young daughters) with a film and television career, the New York native has proven h
is versatility, doing comedy, drama and action, on both the big and small screen. Getting ready to start filming the third installment of the Twilight saga, Eclipse, with director David Slade, Peter Facinelli spoke to IESB for this exclusive interview about what it's like to have the job security of a successful film franchise and a critically acclaimed TV show.

IESB: What initially attracted you to acting? Was there someone or something that inspired you to do it, or did you just know that you wanted to be a performer? Peter: No, I was the opposite of a performer. I was really shy, when I was growing up. I saw a movie called Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid in third grade, and I thought Paul Newman and Robert Redford looked like they were having a really good time, and I said, "That's what I want to do, when I grow up." I always was inspired by Paul Newman and Robert Redford to want to be an actor, but I never really did anything about it because I was shy. So, all through high school, I never did a play.
Dr. Carlisle nearly a lawyer ?? Read the rest of the article here

A brief Note...

According to Edi Gathegi (Laurent) the entire cast was to view New Moon today. Its still a work in progress at this point but the main work is done.
Post production will finish soon and then roll on November 20th :0)
Edi tweeted yesterday that he had seen New Moon with Stephenie Meyer and that fans will be amazed and very happy with it.

Nikki & Xavier out & About in Vancouver

Nikki Reed (Rosalie)was spotted out walking around Vancouver, looking lovely and v.stylish. Meanwhile newbie Vamp Xavier Samuel is looking pretty fine himself as he pops out for coffee.