Thursday, March 18, 2010

Marth Stewart threatens Peter Facinelli with a wooden spoon

More of Dakota at Jimmy Fallon Show - Swinging Microphones


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Remember Me UK & Irish Premiere - Pics, Videos & More

Last night, St. Patricks Day, the UK Premiere for Robert Pattinson's new movie 'Remember Me' was held in The Odeon on Leicester Square in London. There was a live link up to the Irish Premiere which was held in Movies @ Dundrum in Dublin.

Rick Edwards (T4) was the host for the live link up to Dublin and he was working the red carpet talking fans and the producers of the movie as well as to Emilie de Ravin and the man of the hour Robert Pattinson.

Emilie spoke of how great it was to work alongside Rob but that came with its own set of pressures (fans camped out on set daily). She also spoke of how comfortable they were around each other and that the kissing scenes 'were not hard to do.' (We believe her!)

Robert spent ages signing autographs and being interviewed by various tv stations and then finally we got to hear him speak to Dublin. He said hello to Dublin and wished us all a Happy St. Patrick's Day.(The cinema cheered as if he could hear us).  He said when he was in the car on the way to The Odeon he'd seen some green hats, realised what day it was and then thought that there would be no one interested in going to see the movie tonight because of what day it was. How wrong he was!

He also spoke of the passion that Chris Cooper and Pierce Brosnan both brought to their roles. He said Chris especially but some force into all of the fight scenes and that 'it hurt'. Once again he spoke of the 'modesty patch' which makes the intimate scenes with Emily a lot less intimate.

He was funny and charming and his usual adorkable self. Oh and in case you were wondering the movie is AMAZING. It is by far his best work yet and I for one cannot wait to see it when it is released here on April 2nd.

I hope you will join me in going to support Rob and seeing it opening weekend and many times after that.

xoxo ~ Bee

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Dakota Fanning on Jimmy Fallon answering Fan questions + 1 from KStew!


New York Premiere of the 'The Runaways'

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My Favourite photo of the night... *gasp* Just GORGEOUS!

None HQ Pics, but awesome all the same :o)