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Video Clip: Ashley Greene in PanAm

Check out Ashley Greene's appearance on PanAm!
FYI: That's Christina Ricci playing 'Maggie' - AKA 'Clotilde de Marelle' in Robert Pattinson's upcoming film Bel Ami! :)

Daniel Radcliffe Mentions Rob and Twilight on Jonathan Ross Show

Mention starts at about  6:46
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New 'Bel Ami' Scenes and BTS Footage From MTV Russia

Video of new and longer scenes and more behind the scenes footage (dubbed)

*skip to about 0:22 to get past the talking and on to the actual scenes!*

Translation of voice-over
by via Robsessed, and then proof-read by us!

In Spring 2012, there will be a screening of the dramatic picture Bel Ami, based on the novel by Guy de Maupassant. This novel is referred to as being a French Literature Classic.
It was filmed many times - one of which was porno! And although everyone probably knows this already, the premiere is being met with impatience because the main character is played by handsome Twilight actor Robert Pattinson.

The creators of the film Bel Ami decided not to rewrite a classic, and made quite a precise adaptation. The main character is Georges DuRoy, an ex-military soldier living in poverty in the midst of luxury Paris. But one day, he meets his old fellow Charles Forestier, who has become a journalist, and a new life starts. 
Georges can do almost nothing, but he is very attractive and his mind is resourceful. On having new experiences he understands that there is invisible power in the higher society that can help him gain more power. 
This power comes in the form of the wives of rich and powerful men.

In the beginning, he has a love affair with his friend's wife - then with a high society lady called Clotilde de Marelle. Then with her daughter. And it is her who calls him Bel Ami. 
George's life soon becomes full, with a line of mistresses, lies, manipulations and calculated marriages.

The director of Bel Ami is Englishman Declan Donnellan
Russia knows him thanks to his numerous performances in the Moscow Artistic Academic Theatre (MHAT), the Pushkinâ's theatre and even in Bolshoy theatre. 
Declan managed to combine outstanding cast for this film. Bel Ami's Georges Duroy is Robert Pattinson, who is finally free from his vampire alter-ego. 
In this movie, he has love affairs with wonderful actresses, including Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci, Kristin Scott Thomas and so on. Everything was filmed in London and Budapest, but the action is actually meant to be in Paris.

As Robert Pattinson said himself, he played amoral Georges with great pleasure not only because he got to learn French, but because the Bel Ami Novel is one of his favourite books.
Bel Ami hits cinemas here on March 2nd. Are you excited? :D

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