Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy 25th Birthday Rob - The Evolution of Rob

Happy 25th Birthday to our leading man!

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Rawdy - Vanity Fair
Unfortunately his scene was cut
Giselher - Sword of Xanten
aka Ring of the Niebelungs
& Bad Hair Rob
Cedric Diggory - Goblet of Fire
This did not end well :'( 
Toby Jugg - Haunted Airman
Creepy spider scene *shudder*
Daniel Gale - Bad Mother's Handbook
Adorkable & funny
What's not to love
Art - How to Be
Depression has never been so hot!
Salvador Dali - Little Ashes
We still would... 
Edward Cullen - Twilight
And so the lion fell in love with the lamb
& vice versa
Richard - The Summer House
Short film - not enough Rob
Edward Cullen - New Moon
Thank God for CGi & apparitionward
Tyler Hawkins - Remember Me
How could we forget you!
Edward Cullen - Eclipse
Proposal scene - nuff said!
Jacob Jankowski - Water for Elephants
Only Rob could make us want to run
away with the circus & adopt
an elephant
Georges Duroy - Bel Ami
No release date for playboy Rob yet
Edward Cullen (&wife) - Breaking Dawn
Is it November yet?

And coming Soon...

Insanely crazy book - can't wait for the movie!!

Happy Birthday Rob

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