Monday, November 16, 2009

NW Magazine (AU): Rob & Kristen Caught Out (Click to Enlarge)

So what kind of nonsense does NW serve this week…

  • NW say of the ‘holding hands” pic “…they gave us all the proof we need that they’re lovers” – oh purrrrlease! It does confirm that they’re comfortable around each other and possibly dating, but ‘lovers’? oh yeah, I forgot, you’re all about embellishing, exaggerating, fabricating…
  • “NW can officially confirm the stars have been dating for months” really? What’s your source?
  • Witnesses (of NW’s imagination *rolls eyes*) of Robsten kissing at the New Moon screening.
  • Thanks for the tongue-in-cheek ‘mile high’ comment – it really was necessary…**NOT**
A lot can be said about NW, but at least they gave us some always welcomed eye Twi-Candy :o)

Please source Irish Twilight Sisters if you repost all / part of this article.


  1. **snort**
    I love how Rob's "aunt" said that his parents met and had dinner with Kristen in May. Hey ... dumbass! They met her before and uhm ... in May ... Kristen was filming!
    And you want to try and tell me that her holding his arm or wrist while he is holding his cap is holding hands? Puh-lease!

  2. I know it's pedantic, but I refuse to believe anything that is said in a magazine that can't even spell check! Since when is "much" spelt as "muck"?! Really high class publication no doubt...