Friday, October 23, 2009

OK! Mag Australia 'Sits down with Kristen' - Sure Sure ! (Click pics 2 enlarge)

So apparently - OK! 'sits down with Kristen for an insight into New Moon' - Sceptical? Me too!

Synopsis after the jump

Did you know:  Top left pic in the 'Did You Know' section completely contradicts itself with bottom right pic in same section! - Great Observation skills OK! - really! 
*hint - heavy sarcasm was used here*

  • OK!- Is New Moon better than Twilight? Kristen: - I feel like its better. I feel like it has been revamped. It has a different feel too it, the script is so solid. The dream sequences are really eerie. Its very masochistic. Robert gets the chance to be a little more scary in the dream sequences, not so perfect.
  • OK!- There was some worry as to whether Taylor would return to the role of Jacob - Kristen - Taylor Lautner is so amazing. He is just great. He is amazing in this role. We are so proud of him. I have a real soft spot for Taylor. 
  • OK! - In real life if you had to choose are you an Edward or a Jacob girl? - Kristen - I can't, I can't. I'm not even allowed to answer. 
  • OK! - So is there anything going on with you and Robert Pattinson? - Kristen - I get asked this so much. But as always I don't see why I should be talking about my private life. It is just that. Private. So either way - I'm not willing to talk about it. Sorry. My private life doesn't affect my professional life. 

Taylor didnt escape their clutches either!



  •  A 'source' tells OK! - 'they are  more than just friends'.
  • When Taylor Swift was ambushed on stage at the VMA's by Kanye West - Taylor Lautner threatened to 'kick Kanye's butt' and Taylor S. was really touched. 
  • Taylor is quoted as saying she is 'on Team Tay', 'I love him' and 'he is so cute'. 
  • They bonded over their breakups - i.e. Swifts breakup with Joe Jonas & Lautners break up with Selena Gomez. 
  • Adina Ong from is quoted as saying 'We think Taylor squared would make a gorgeous couple'.

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Thanks as always goes to Australian Correspondent OzTwilightTwit. 


  1. The idea of Taylor squared as being Swift and Lautner's public "couple name" is kind of cheesy, but they would make a great couple I'm sure.

  2. I don't think the comments by the pics in the top article contradict. The first pic is from a dream, not a vision, they are talking about when she has visions of him after he has left.
    The article is still rubbish, they have just chopped a heap of different quotes from different articles.