Sunday, April 24, 2011

Actress Donna Scott Says RPattz Was 'Genuinely Shy' In 'Water For Elephants' Love Scenes

"We've heard plenty of details from Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson about their steamy scenes in the sweeping, circus-centered love story "Water for Elephants," but would you believe that there is yet another lucky lady who got to steal a few kisses from Rob during filming?

Meet lovely actress Donna Scott, who plays saucy burlesque dancer Barbara in the film, and takes it upon herself to deflower Jacob (RPattz), so to speak.
"It wasn’t that much of a stretch for me," Donna told Hollywood Crush about getting into character. "I tend to be somewhat bawdy everyday in my real life, and I’d been doing pole-dancing for a few years," she revealed. "I went in to read for [director] Francis Lawrence and I told him, 'I am a level four pole dancer, and I don’t have a problem learning how to twirl tassels on my boobs for this movie.'"
Donna went on to say that Barbara is a tour de force who specializes in seduction—particularly that of innocent young men who join her circus troupe, which brings us to the subject of Donna's kissing scenes with Rob.
"I love that I got paid to kiss Robert Pattinson and he wasn’t sick," Donna said, citing Reese and Rob's admissions of runny noses during their scene. "He was very sweet. He’s genuinely shy," she said.
Donna explained that during the scene where her character is performing her burlesque dance and takes her top off to "twirl her tassels," Rob was particularly taken aback.
"When I did it, I turn around and take off my top, his face was, I think, very genuine," she recalled. "He’s like, 'Oh my God, am I really seeing this?' In my opinion, he was a little bit shy about speaking to me in the makeup trailer for a few days after that day," she added with a chuckle. "It was a little bit hard for him to look me in the eyes. It was so genuine."

Awww. How cute is that? Little shy RPattz is uncomfortable around naked women. Adorable!"

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