Sunday, April 24, 2011

Two New Movie Trailers Mention 'Twilight'

From TwiExaminer:

Twilight has become a staple of popular modern culture. We've seen this exemplified time and time again, what with the Saga's stars being incorporated into mainstream gameshows, the series itself being mentioned on popular television shows, and, of course, the neverending catalogue of spoofs (one of which wound up being a full-length theatrical film).

Now, there are two more Twilight mentions to add to the bucket, and they come via the first trailers for the films Crazy, Stupid, Love, and Bad Teacher.

Both poke fun at the series, but by now sensitivities are probably a little sturdier, enough so to handle these slight jabs at least. The two trailers do contain some adult content and/or language, though, so before checking them out, please be aware of that.

#1 - Twilight Mention at 1:53

#2 - Twilight Mention at 2:10

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