Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Famous Mag Taylor Article & Kristen 'I didnt dump Rob' - Scan (click to enlarge)

Synopsis after the jump:


  • Robert Pattinson is a 'supporting role' in New Moon so the focus is now on Taylor Lautner
  • A movie insider says "Unlike Rob who suffers from crippling shyness, Taylor's totally cool when it comes to interacting with fans, spilling the beans on his private life and dealing with intense media scrutiny. 
  • He has taken to fame like a duck to water.
  • A source says "Rob's never liked being in the limelight, so it's a real relief for him to share the limelight with someone else."
Synopsis of Kristens 'I didn't dump Rob' article:
  • KStew has hit back at rumours that her year long relationship with Rob is on the rocks - fuelled by by her failure to turn up at the Eclipse wrap party.
  • Rob and Kristen are usually joined at the hip so it was the talk of the party when he showed up on his own. 
  • The couple have been having an increasing amount of rifts. 
  • One of Kristen's friends says "Kristen says she didnt dump Rob, she didnt go to the wrap party because she wanted to go see her family. Rob's taking time to see his family too and they will be back together within the space of a few weeks."
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  1. Umm..Kristen was at the wrap party. She went to LA the week before the party. Just more crap.