Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rob & Kristen The Secret Thats Tearing Them Apart from NW Magazine (Oz)

NW Magazine Australia - Synopsis after the jump


  • Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are facing their toughest test as a couple yet.
  • The twosome are on the verge of splitting after a new love rival appears and they struggle to find time alone amid the hysteria of Twilight.
  • Rob has been spending more & more time with his agent Stephenie Ritz - and the close relationship they have forged has put pressure on his romance with Kristen.
(Bee: Key word here - AGENT)

  • The pair have been enjoying secret evenings in LA and Vancouver and Stephenie is said to be hugely supportive of Rob's ambitions to launch his music career.
(Bee: Eh I should hope she is supportive, she is HIS AGENT)

  • "They spend almost every waking moment together" says a pal.
  • Kristen stood Robert up when she was a no-show at the 'Eclipse' wrap party last week and he retaliated by telling Kristen it was time to take a break saying he needs them to cool down for the time being.
  • They have also been arguing about where to live. Robert wants to keep his home base in London while Kristen loves being an LA girl.
(Bee: What? I thought they were breaking up - NW you confuse me so!)

  • While Rob's attention has turned to Stephenie it wont take much to turn it back to Kristen. Hollywood agent Ray Manzella is quoted as saying "They are going to get back together. They are crazy mad for each other and there's always lots of ups and downs in those types of relationships. "
(Bee: Whatever Rain Man oh i mean Ray man!)
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