Monday, March 14, 2011

FAMOUS (AU): Rob & the 17 yr old Aussie Girl - How Kristen Found Out!

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Don't get your knickers in a twist! I know what the headline is insinuating, but if you read the article, it is talking about how an 17 yr old aussie has 'allegedly' hacked into Rob's email account (talk about headline manipulation!). Rob is apparently freaking out because of the private info contained in those emails about family, friends, cast members and of course, his fiancée, Kristen. Wait... WHAT? fiancée?? It's NOT TRUE people, they're not getting married. It's just FAMOUS calling fiction fact, AGAIN!

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  1. LOL his fiance... at least they try to make their stories look authentic by not *cough* contradicting themselves.
    maybe next issue, they'll have broken up cause she's worried about his relationship with Reese?
    love the picture of Kristen as snow white though!
    She'd should totally be in the film dressed like that! :P
    Mel x