Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pre-'Twilight' Robert Pattinson shines in How To Be

Examiner online Reports -"As a young woman I unfortunately am not immune to "Pattinson Fever." We get it he is very handsome and charming, but besides all of that he has great acting chops to boot. In 2008's How To Be Rob Pattinson stars as Art a twenty-something that like most twenty-somethings is a bit lost.

Art, having broken up with his girlfriend and broke in general moves back in with his distant parents. Distant in the sense that Art is not anything special to them. One thing that Art does do well is playing music, kind of. He is not successful but he does try.

The great thing about How To Be is that it shows how difficult it is to be a musician, to be a child, to be an adult, to be in a relationship, and to be yourself through it all. The soundtrack for the film also features a few songs from Pattinson that he sings as Art.
How To Be is soon to be released on DVD in America."

'How to Be' is available on Amazon.Co.Uk


  1. Its a brilliant film. I saw it a while ago. Its odd, and eclectic and just my taste as is Rob ha ha