Friday, July 15, 2011

Closer look (inside) at the Breaking Dawn 2012 Calendar!

Just last month, we posted about the official sixteen month calendar for Breaking Dawn - Part 1.
Two Days later, we had the HQ still of the image that's on the front cover, and now, thanks to tweets from Jack Morrissey (Bill Condon's Partner), we have a much closer look at the images inside!

Check 'em out below! (Click for bigger)

Front cover ("The foil letters kinda sparkle!")
Inside Cover
January - Edward
February - Bella
March - Alice
April - Jacob
May - Rosalie
June - Jasper
July - Esme
August - Emmett

September - Carlisle
October - Edward
November - Bella
December - Jacob
Back Cover
Back Cover Again

Twilight Examiner has gone over each of the images, and has this to say:

The character images incorporated into the calendar show a few distinctions between their "look" in this film as compared with the previous three.
First, "Carlisle" (Peter Facinelli) has a new hair-do that, arguably, makes him look a bit younger (in the book, he was described to look around 23-years-old).
Secondly, "Alice" (Ashley Greene) does indeed have shorter hair in Breaking Dawn than in the previous three, as noticed with a look at the first still images from Breaking Dawn. In the book, her character is described as having pixie-like hair which sticks out in various places (thanks to The Guide, we can now know why that is . . . I digress). Another change is Rosalie ("Nikki Reed"), who looks much more fierce and quite beautiful in her character image.

The calendar will be released August 1st,  and is available for pre-order from amazon :)
Will you be buying it when it is released?

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