Friday, July 22, 2011

First Bel Ami Trailer!


What do you think of it?

HUGE thanks to RobstenLovex for finding it!! :D

The Original Channel had the trailer set to private, but have since removed the video.
This video is courtesy of redazionecinefilos.


  1. Getting an indie feel off this trailer... is it definatly going to be released in cinemas like Vue and Storm etc?
    Or will it be a few 'select' cinemas?
    I'll be seeing it either way. Or buying it on DVD. Whatever i have to do because OH MY GOD this is hot. Now there's a leg hitch!!!!!! lol
    He really shows another side of acting here :)

  2. This is what we have been waiting on...Rob really letting loose with his acting ability. So excited for this movie.

  3. Looks like incredible acting from everyone. And the costumes and settings are spectacular. I think this could be very BIG!