Monday, May 17, 2010

FAMOUS Mag (AU): The Twilight Cast Walkout

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Some old rumours are revisted, but this article centers on the pay dispuite that is (and here is that word again) 'allegedly' going on between Ashley Greene (Alice) and Kellan Lutz (Emmett) with Summit. It says that the Twilight cast might do a 'Friends' and walkout until this is resolved. Is it true? who knows! I just love when FAMOUS says 'a well placed Twilight source' *chuckles* Oozing credibility here lol

You can also have a laugh over their typo! Nikki (Rosalie) & Jackson (Jasper) apparently settled for $7500000 *LMAO* For that much money, I would too!! (I think it was meant to be $750,000).

Oh, and the thought of Lindsay Lohan getting anywhere near Rob makes me wanna hurl! (He better of had his Rabies shot)
~ Mel


  1. No!! a change of actors for any characters in the saga would be disappointing. The should just pay them the money, surely the movie has made pleanty of money!!

  2. The movie will make lots of money the problem is Summit are a bunch of greedy pigs! Look what they did with the New Moon deleted scenes!