Monday, May 17, 2010

Nikki Reed talks Rob, Eclipse, Tow Trucks and more

SNMag caught up with Nikki Reed and asked a few questions about Rob and life on the set. See a portion of the conversation below and follow the link for the complete article.

SNMag: What do you think about the Rob Pattinson craze?

NR: I get it. Rob is a totally fascinating, amazing, wonderful guy. I get why all these girls are so in love with him. He’s super intelligent, mysterious, musical and intellectual. I get it.

SNMag: How do you guys spend your free time when you’re shooting?
NR: We get creative and make silly mini movies and do awesome stuff like that. Other times we just lay around and watch television. There are a lot of music nights because Xavier [Samuel], Rob and Jackson [Rathbone] are very musical. We eat a lot of Thai food. There’s a Thai food place close by. We hang out with each other because we’re very isolated.

SNMag: What is the coolest experience to come out of being associated with a franchise like Twilight?
NR: It’s cool being seen in a different light. I look so different and the entire world sees that I can do that; that I can play someone different and make it believable…hopefully.

Source via RPLife

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