Monday, May 17, 2010

Roberts 'shock' new role....

From The Sun...(don't believe everything you read...)

ROBERT PATTINSON's army of fans are in for the shock of their lives if he lands the X-rated part he craves.The lusted-after lad is lobbying for a leading role which will see him Hoover up more drugs than PETE DOHERTY and AMY WINEHOUSE combined, sleep with scores of prostitutes and get away with a blood-curdling murder.

The Twilight heart-throb would be playing sinful record label A&R man Steven Stelfox in the big-screen adaptation of gruesome music industry satire Kill Your Friends.The novel - one of my favourites of recent years - centres on Steven, who's like the British version of Patrick Bateman - the character played by CHRISTIAN BALE in American Psycho.

Written by former major label A&R man and fellow Scot JOHN NIVEN, it is set in the mid-Nineties and, like Trainspotting, leaves nothing to the imagination. Music-mad R-Pattz reckons it is just the job for him.A source said: "Rob is a huge fan of the novel."He is fascinated by the music industry and is keen to get involved in the project."He's already approached producers telling them he wants to play the leading man."If he gets the role it would be the darkest part he's ever played."It's an incredibly adult character and is bound to shock the tweens who account for such a huge part of Rob's fan base.

The flick is already gaining momentum with serious film investors looking at it.Drum 'n' bass legend GOLDIE- who is viciously parodied in the novel - has also requested a role.However, Rob's bid is not helped by author John. He has confessed to not knowing who R-Patz is, saying: "I'm not a teenage virgin, so how would I know who he was?"  

Hopefully you will soon, John.

From BEE - I have read this book, it's excellent but definitely not for the faint hearted - you have been warned.

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