Thursday, October 27, 2011

Listen: The Belle Brigade's 'I Didn't Mean It'
from the Breaking Dawn Soundtrack

The Belle Brigade were recently interviewed by jsyk, and opened up about their Breaking Dawn song "I didn't mean it", explaining that they hope it will be coupled with the battle scene, but won't find out until they see it in theaters on Nov. 18th!
They also explained how the song came to be a part of the album.
"Around the time our record was released, Alex Patsavas asked us if we had any additional material that could be used for possible placement . . . We gave her our song 'I Didn't Mean It' and were lucky enough to have it chosen... pretty cool!" they explained. 
As for how they came up with the song; "We were housesitting for someone who had a piano and were making some demos in the process, and somewhere in the night we came up with the piano riff for the song. The rest of the song couldn't have taken more than 30 minutes to finish . . . those songs are always the most fun! The song is about a raging and jealous person who feels ashamed about acting out of his/her jealousy."

You can read the rest of their interview over at
Listen to the full version "I Didn't Mean It" below!

The Belle Brigade, 'I Didn't Mean It'

So, is this a Jacob song? Will it fit into a battle scene?
What do you think? Let us know :)

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