Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cam Gigandet on the Lasting ‘Twilight’ Effect

NextMovie interviewed Cam in anticipation of the DVD release of his latest (vampire) flick, Priest. He had a few things to say about Twilight:

Q: In the final analysis, do you get more attention from fans for killing Marissa Cooper or breaking Bella’s leg?
A: [Laughs] I’m going to have to go with the “Twilight” fans because… they are really never-ending.
I played paintball this past weekend with my dad — the whole day, people would come up and say “Oh, you’re the guy from –” and if it was a girl, without fail, the girl would bring up ‘Twilight.” They used to bring up “The O.C.” but not so much anymore.
The guys who came up to me this past weekend — it was always “Never Back Down.” Which is interesting. 
Thankfully, “Twilight” set me up for a really long time. Everything that has such success and a fan following makes my job easier. It’ll always help me, for the rest of my career.
You can read the rest of his interview by clicking here.

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