Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Actress Playing ‘Huilen’ in Breaking Dawn Revealed!

HisGoldenEyes has broken the news that Marisa Quintanilla is playing the role of 'Huilen', in Breaking Dawn Part 2 - as shown on the film’s IMDB page.

Who's Huilen, you ask? Well, she is Nahuel’s aunt.

Nahuel is the human/vampire hybrid (from Chile in South America) that was recruited in Breaking Dawn by Alice and Jasper, to testify against the Volturi's interest in Renesmee.

Huilen is his aunt.

Huilen cared for her sister (Pire) during her pregnancy with Nahuel, but was unable to save her when she was killed during childbirth.
When Huilen reached for the baby, she was bitten and changed, eventually raising Nahuel as her own.
Know her now? :)
HGE also found out that she's on twitter. Follow her - @MarisaQActress.
Seems like Summit has left in all of the characters, both big and small! 
Getting excited now... only 85 days left... :D

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