Sunday, January 30, 2011

‘Breaking Dawn’ heading to Vancouver - with the Twilight casts privacy in tow

For almost three months now, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn has been filming 
- first in Rio de Janeiro, then in Paraty, Brazil, and now in Baton Rouge, Louisiana - 
and it has been eerily quiet.

While the Brazil set was fairly accessible to fans, visibly at least, almost nothing from the Baton Rouge set has come around outside of vague cast tweets and a few almost-accesses by the local media and fanbase.
That is rather expected, since - as though to warn fans and everyone else to stay away - we were told early on in the process of Breaking Dawn's production in Baton Rouge that security was both mighty and ready.

That's not to say there haven't been some occasions of cast sightings.

For instance, there have been reportings on when castmembers decided to hit up a book store, or when a few of them went out to dinner somewhere.
And there was that sandwich shoppe frenzy incident over Robert Pattinson and his buddy.
But as far as set photos go, the pickings have been very slim.
There was one occasion, with a few of the Volturi Castmembers, where the set was photographed, but aside from that, nada. And locals are zipping their lips to protect the privacy of the cast, too.

So, until Bill Condon hooks us up with a new photo, information is at a flatline.
Oh Bill, why are you making us wait until November?

There are at least two ways to look at this.
The first thing one can think about it, is that this jeopardizes the heat of the Saga by letting the fanbase cool off.
In other words, the lack of insight into the production process means Twilight fans have to find other things to occupy our attention (and up and coming mega-franchises like The Hunger Games and The Mortal Instruments have time to gain traction).
The second way to see it, likely the preferable one, is that the cast is getting the

privacy and this means there'll be more surprises for fans and less frustrations for the cast and crew.
Either way you look at it, though, the fact is that things are unfolding very slowly with these two films. And the pending move of production from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Vancouver, British Columbia isn't likely to change anything, either.

According to one source, security is readying in Vancouver to the point of creating a "confinement unit."
While there looks to be a fence of some sort, that's about all that can be discerned from those. If it's true, though, it'll make the Vancouver portion of filming a whole new ballgame for the Twilight Saga.
With New Moon and Eclipse, local bloggers and photographers were steadily pumping out new information about production. If a confinement unit is in place, whatever that is, that influx of news may be lessened. Which means more fervor flatlining or more privacy for the cast - however you want to see it.

Via @Twi-Examiner

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