Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fan Encounter with Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser

I love the shelves of Twilight gear behind them! ~ Jess

Last week one of our Breaking Dawn Open Thread commenters, Lesa, ran into two Twilight cast members browsing for books at a local Baton Rouge book store!

On Jan. 19 Lesa told us, 
“Got a picture with Elizabeth [Reaser] (Esme) and Nikki [Reed] (Rosalie) tonight! They were at Barnes and Noble at Perkins Rows. They were super nice and talked to us!”

She has some advice for those looking for the cast while they are shooting in Baton Rouge too: 
It may be easier to meet them around town then to try to get a glimpse of them on set.


“I took a picture of the giant green screen at arsenal park when they weren’t filming,” she wrote. "Also watched some workers building fake trees, went back the next day during filming and couldn’t get very close or see anyone. 
It was all blocked off with cops sitting in their cars, they flash their lights at you if you try and get close. Much easier to see the stars just around town then on set I thought! Worked for us!”


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