Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bella's House Is Being Built In Vancouver

I don't mean to upset you, but this is the last time Bella Swan's house will EVER be constructed. *tear*
It really is the end of an era... :( 

From newsflic:

Construction started early this morning in Kerry Park in Surrey.  Twilight fans will be thrilled to learn that filming will return to British Columbia mid February.  The Swan House was a location fans flocked to see during filming of both New Moon and Eclipse.  The house is just a shell of a house with no interior decoration or structural design.  The art department hangs the drapes and puts a lamp in the front window but the interior of the house is an empty shell.  The interior shots of "The Swan House" are filmed on a sound stage.
Portions of the Swan House

I first reported seeing the locations team at this location last fall.  I was on a Movie Location Tour and I asked my guests if they would like to see the lot where they set up the house.  Upon our arrival at the lot I was surprised to see a couple of familiar faces.  They were have a location meeting.  At the time I was sure they would return in 2010 to do some filming but they  filmed Breaking Dawn in Baton Rouge through the winter.

The walls to the house arrived Monday Jan 17,2011
The house has been in storage since October 2009

The house will take about 7 to 10 days to complete.  A large chain link fence surrounds the property and several No Trespassing Signs are hanging on the fence.  Security at this location is quite high due to some naughty fans trying to collect a small bit of Movie History.

The property is leased from the City of Surrey
The foundation was built last fall in  preparation of winter construction.

There are three large trees that have to be planted in front of the house and then a large tree outside of Bella's bedroom window.  Some of the landscaping has been completed and the driveway going down to the underground garage is also complete.
I am looking forward to seeing the house grow up over the next few days.

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