Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MTV looks back on Twilight in 2010

MTV is looking back at 2010, and has a slideshow of it's favourite 'Twilight Moments'.

1. Robert Pattinson on Crazy 'Twilight' Merchandise

2. Kristen Stewart Hasn't Tried On Her 'Breaking Dawn' Wedding Dress Yet.

3. Kristen Stewart Can Cook, Taylor Lautner Confirms

4. Robert Pattinson Talks About What He'll Miss The Most

5. Peter Facinelli Says He Should Wash His Mouth With Soap

6. Anna Kendrick Almost Missed Accepting Best Movie Award

7. Newest 'Twilight' Heartthrob Xavier Samuel Ready For Fans

8. Cam Gigandet Says 'Twilight' And 'Priest' Are Very Different - Video may not work!

In case it won't play for you, heres a brief transcript from Team-Twilight.

Gigandet said that, although there are vampires involved in the movie, fans expecting the romantic “Twilight”-style vamps will be in for a shock.
“It’s very, very different from ‘Twilight,’ ” he said. “The similarities kind of end with what they’re called, which is vampires.”
Gigandet said the world of “Priest,” directed by Scott Charles Stewart, is also entirely different. “The world Scott created is kind of unlike any other,” he said. “Sometimes it was hard to visualize what he had in his mind, but I’ve seen clips, and its unbelievable. … Just to work with all of these people, they’re such an amazing cast. I didn’t have any doubts [about taking on another vampire-related role].”
Gigandet’s co-star, “Star Trek” star Karl Urban, said he’s never seen a movie like this. “This is a post-apocalyptic vampire western,” he said. “The emphasis isn’t heavily on the fact — it’s not like a ‘vampire film’; there’s so much more to it.”
As far as what “Twilight” fans can expect to see, and fans of the original comic book, Gigandet and his co-stars said there is something for everyone in the film, because it is emotional and character-driven.
“[There are] so many different levels, and so many people are doing things that sacrifice for all sorts of love,” Gigandet said. “It’s not just one set love story. There are so many different levels going on.”

More at MTV.

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