Thursday, December 30, 2010

'EW' and 'People' Magazine, bring us *new pictures* of WFE!

Yay! We have new WFE pictures from Entertainment Weekly, and People Magazine!

These first three scans are from the January 10th issue of People magazine, which also features stills of Reese as Marlena, and Christoph as August.

This last one is from 'Entertainment Weekly'...
Brace yourself, it is Rob, after all...
You ready?

Oh my gosh! He is so freakin' sexy!

And because we liked that one so much, we *attempted* to remove the staple lines and crop the picture into HQ, for your viewing pleasure! ;)
(Just click below to enlarge!)

I personally have never used Photoshop before this, so I know it isn't perfect, but it will have to do! And if you still haven't seen the newest version of the trailer yet, check out our earlier post.

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