Thursday, November 4, 2010

Anna Kendrick in video for LCD Soundsystems's Pow Pow

The video for LCD Soundsystem's heady, sultry "Pow Pow" which premieres on at 5 p.m. ET on Thursday (November 4), has all the makings of a cinematic epic, including an Oscar-nominated actress brightening up the screen and a Hollywood vet running things behind the camera.

"Up in the Air" starlet Anna Kendrick vamps it up as the video's mysterious protagonist, and she's surrounded by a crush of beefy bodyguards. Director David Ayer conceded that the concept is a bit cerebral.

"This video's a little far out, a little esoteric," Ayer told MTV News. "In this world, Anna's sort of this shape-shifter, I guess you could say."

Ayer further explained that the message of the clip, which is a joint effort between MTV and Mean magazine, is about remaining humble, regardless of how pumped-up one's celebrity status might get.

"No matter how big you are, how important you are in this temporal world of ours, there's somebody more important," he said. "You have to answer for your sins, and that's a little bit of what this video is about. And the person who sort of represents the power in this video isn't, like, some hardcore gangster guy, but little old Anna Kendrick kinda being her shy self."

Ayer was looking for a super-chill, accessible star for the video, and he found one in Kendrick.

"She is, like, down to earth, salt of the earth and just a rock star," Ayer gushed. "As far as her talent and her abilities, she's the real deal."

Ayer is something of a Hollywood rock star himself, with screenplays for flicks such as "Training Day" and "The Fast and the Furious" under his belt. And he was amped to be a part of the project.

"I feel pretty honored that [LCD Soundsystem is] allowing me to kind of take this wonderful song of theirs — kind of a flagship song, I think — and marry it to some great images," he said.

Plus behind the scenes pics from Hollywood Crush

Anna Kendrick goes by many monikers: "Twilight" star, Oscar-nominated actress, red carpet stunner, and now she can add one more: video vixen. Anna teamed with "Training Day" writer David Ayer for the new "Supervideo," which utilizes LCD Soundsystem's song "Pow Wow" as the narrative inspiration.

Anna plays a mysterious woman who, along with her entourage of lawyers and bodyguards, travels through the underworld of L.A. to capture the souls of notorious villains. However, Anna isn't quite what she appears to be. (Perhaps there are some supernatural powers involved...just sayin') 


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