Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Message from Stephenie Meyer & Breaking Dawn news from Peter Facinelli

The Official Twilight Facebook page (click for link) recently posted a message from Steph to all the fans.

Hi Everyone!

Congratulations to the Twilight Facebook Fan Page!  15 million fans!  You guys never cease to amaze me.  In other news...

Very excited about our new Renesmee, Mackenzie Foy.  She's an amazing young actress and I'm excited to work with her.  I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer!

- Steph
Short, but sweet. 15 million?? I'm with Steph, that is amazing! We posted earlier this week about young Mackenzie Foy. Does she look like how you pictured Renesmee?

Another great announcement today came from none other than Papa Cullen himself, Mr. Peter Facinelli who declared via his Twitter account that the Breaking Dawn scripts are in his possession and are amazing! Glad to hear it, Peter. Now only 408 days to go.

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