Sunday, December 6, 2009

FAMOUS Mag (AU): Twilight TV Spin-off, Chaske in Rehab, Stephanie:"J.K Rowling Who?" & that 'agent' rumour

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  • Rumour has it, Rob has landed $500 million to play the role of Edward in a Twilight spin-off television series (around $2 million an episode! When? A year after Eclipse is released
  • In Twilight, he earned $2 million and $12 million for every subsequent film
  • Rob intends to ‘record a few tracks’ after he is done with Twilight & music moguls are falling over themselves to try and sign him up to a label
  • Stands to make a mint if he endorses commercial products (didn’t he already with the Volvo ad?)
  • Article also mentions Chaske’s stint in rehab which Chaske himself confirmed was true via a personal message on his website to fans: . He does say that this was all before New Moon was ‘on his radar’.
  • Stephanie Meyer is laughing all the way to the bank with $90 million from book sales alone
  • Rob laughs off rumours of a romance with his long-time agent Stephanie Ritz. This bit made me laugh: “It’s little surprise the rumour mill started working overtime seeing the tight-knit duo reportedly spend an increasing amount of time in each other’s company” Well der!! He and SHE have been busy promoting New Moon leading up to and including premiere’s all over the show *shakes head*

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