Monday, December 7, 2009

Now! Magazine - Robert Pattinson & his demons & THAT Stephenie Rumour


  • Robert is closer to his agent Stephanie Ritz than he is to Kristen Stewart and has strong feelings for Stephenie.
  • 'Whenever he needs advice he turns to Stephenie' a Source tells Now. 
  • Things have never been stable between Rob & Kristen and they've had screaming rows about Rob's wandering eye and in particular his closeness to Stephenie. 
  • 'Rob & Kristen never talk about their relationship publicly because they're not sure there's much to talk about'. They ham it up for the cameras to help get the movie more publicity. 
  • One of the reasons for the instability is Rob's love of partying. He can drink heavily, but by the next day he's in a foul mood. He hates mornings. The source continues 'Rob's always been a troubled sould and left the UK for Hollywood so that he could escape his demons. That doesn't make for a great boyfriend. He vowed never to go back to England, but now he's saying America is worse. He hates being mobbed by fans.'
  • Some people close to him think he'll never be happy wherever he is and whoever he is with. 
  • At 23, Robert's yound and full of insecurities, to the extent that he can't bear to see himself on screen - which makes him hard to deal with. 
  • Source- 'It's Stephenie's job to pacify him, but Kristen gets jealous. In time he might defeat his demons and the hysteria around the Twilight films but, at the moment, he calls it the biggest mistake of his life. He just wants to crawl under a rock. 
Robert vs Taylor - according to Now
  • Tensions are high between Rob & co-star Taylot Lautner. Our source says: 'Rob says he doesn't hate Taylor, but he's more confident and sporty than Rob, which has sparked insecurities in him.'

GossipCop - busts the bad dish on Now Magazine

Now Magazine - The tab’s concocted some new innuendo that’s equal parts “What?” and “Huh?”
“Robert Pattinson’s Secret Woman!”blares the headlineblares the headline on a piece that teases,"Kristen Stewart isn’t the only girl in R-Pattz’s life…”
Who’s Pattinson’s mystery girl? Another co-star? An old flame from back home?
“We can reveal that, in reality, he is closer to his agent Stephenie Ritz” writes Now.
According to the tab, while his “on-off romance with Kristen… has cooled since the summer, [Pattinson] has strong feelings” for Ritz. Whenever he needs advice, “Stephanie’s the one he turns to,” a “source” tells the magazine.
Yes, because she’s his agent.
“She’s very supportive of his musical aspirations and is helping him to get that off the ground.”
Yes, because she’s his agent.
The magazine goes on to “report” that “things have never been stable” between Pattinson and Stewart, and “they’ve had screaming rows about Rob’s wandering eye and, in particular, his closeness to Stephanie.”
Gossip Cop really enjoys a good work of fiction – but not when it’s presented as fact. We spoke with multiple sources, including Stephanie Ritz’s office, who told us the Now nonsense was “absolutely false.”

See GossipCops full article here

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