Sunday, October 11, 2009

NEWS UPDATE - RE: Jonathan Ross (sort of) confirms RP for his show on 13th November

 *********NEWS UPDATE - 15th October 2009*********

The Irish Twilight Sisters was notified today, by Jonathan Ross, that Robert Pattinson will not be appearing on his show, Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, in November, as was previously reported. 

I can confirm that Jonathan had been looking forward to conducting the interview and had previously expressed to me that he hoped he could 'do a good job' for us fans, in the interview. 

We can only assume the reason Robert had to pull out of the interview is due to other work commitments around the New Moon release, but we hope to bring you news of further interviews with Robert & other cast members are we receive it. 

Bee - Irish Twilight Sisters.  

So, thru twitter I DM'd (Direct Message) Jonathan Ross of the BBC show 'Friday Night with Jonathan Ross' (UK) a few weeks ago. I told him some of the Twilight cast would be in London on the 11th of November for a Twi Fan event - details of which still have not been released by E1 entertainment. I asked Jonathan if any of the cast would be appearing on his show to promote the release of New Moon (show recorded on 12th Nov). Jonathan very kindly responded that RP may be appearing. 

Tonight in response to my tweet that he should dress up as 'Edward Cullen' for Halloween (LOL), it appears he did confirm  RP's appearance....

NOW - I am advising you all not to go inundating the BBC or Jonathan for tickets to his show. Jonathan has already stated that he cannot get any. Also - there is currently a 6 month waiting list for tickets to any of Jonathans shows. 
However, if you should be lucky to get tickets, please bring me!!

 So set it up to record - Friday Night with Jonathon Ross - Friday 13th November and look out for a super sexy sparkly vampire.

Cheers, Bee.  




  1. Cant wait, its so excitin xxx

  2. Can you twitter Ross to see if he'll try and get Rob to play the piano on the show and sing one of his compositions.

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  4. Yay I am so excited now. I love Jonathan Ross' show and having Rob on it would make my day!