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Blog & Pics from Sydney TwiCon (Part 2)- thanks to @OzTwilightTwit

Next up was the Q&A Session with Costumer - John Henson. Nothing new or worth mentioning here but he was a nice guy.

Just before lunch we had the Q&A Session with Chaske (Sam) and Tinsel (Emily)


* Chaske said it was good to play a werewolf but importantly to represent his people in a more contemporary setting. Instead of relying on feathers and tepees
* When asked about the scar, Tinsel said that vanity is only skin deep. What matters is the beauty inside. It originally took 8 hours to get the scar on her face and eventually, it went down to 2-3 hours.
* Tinsel said that she knows she is part of something big but the great cast who are all down to earth makes it easy. She is taking it all one day at a time
* Chaske said that it was really cold some days and the wolf pack spent most of their time in knee cut jeans (poor guys!). The rain machine would use warm water but it was cold by the time it hit their bodies. To keep warm, the boys would huddle behind a tree between takes with teeth chattering and when the director called 'action', they would instantly be all strong, tough and serious (a very stark contrast!)
* Interesting to note, both Tinsel and Chaske did not get Peter Facinelli 'card'
* Bless Chaske - he said that he would like to imprint on everybody in the room. Tinsel said that she believe in love at first site and that 'imprinting' goes a lot deeper than that
* Jacob has a little thing for grapes. The boys would try and throw them into his mouth.
* To become alpha male, he had already been working out at the Gym to keep fit. For New Moon, he had 'Wolf camp'. Gruelling working out regimes, 6 meals a day + protein shakes. It was intense but the boys bonded during that time (everyone girl squealed when Tinsel suggested Chaske show proof of his hard work by taking his shirt off)
* Both stars find the 'dolls' thing weird (the fact you can undress their dolls made in their image to see what's underneath is disturbing)
* A cute little girl asked is Chaske could growl like a wolf and he obliged - it was soooo sexy!!
* Hardest scene to shoot? Chaske: A cliff diving scene because he is afraid of heights. Emily: Campfire scene because it was pouring rain outside of a tent, freezing and a fire was burning within - little risky don't you think?
* If they had to choose to be a vampire character? Chaske: Carlisle. Tinsel: Jane
* Chaske met Stephanie Meyer and they talked a lot about music as both are very passionate about it (Chaske is a drummer!). He is also very impressed with the track listing for the New Moon Soundtrack
* If Tinsel was Bella, she would have chosen her favourite male actor- Paul Walker (*drools*). She did say Robert Pattinson was the perfect casting but if she had a choice...
* Kristen actually bruised Chaske in the scene where she pushes him back in the chest (she packs a punch!). He was so sore the day after

It was Lunch time... there was only one cafeteria open (the organisers could of worked something better our here)

Last Q&A Session was with the cheeky and hilarious Charlie Bewley.

The Englishman knew how to make us laugh which only made him more endearing.

He started by taking the piss and having some harmless fun at the expense of his fellow Volturi – namely Cam and Chris. This brought on bit of a food fight with the rest of the cast – Cam chased him around the stage, Tinsel threw gummy bears at him etc... you had to be there! I couldn’t stop cracking up!

* Charlie loves his character – Demetri. He knows that his character is the best of the best because he wouldn’t have been part of Aro’s crew (Volturi are the elite!)
* His favourite time on set was filming in Montepulciano – during the day chaos (small town on a hill filled with crew & fans) and at night, it was great hanging out/relaxing with some wine taking in the beautiful scenery.
* We all laughed at his elevator story. There was some trepidation whether he could reveal what he was about to tell us, but he just shrugged and told us anyway. There is a scene where some volturi (including Rob and Kristen) was crammed into a small elevator to take them all to the Volturi chamber. It was uncomfortable/awkward coz everyone was squeezed in and no one knew where to look when the director cried action!
* He thought the funniest person on set was Jamie Campbell Bower

I have to admit, I didn’t take many notes during this session because I was laughing too much. He was more a ‘one line man’ but short and sweet was definitely a treat with him!

There was some merchandise that went to auction for charity and I’m sure the organisers/ promoters are kicking themself for not announcing it sooner (they did it half way through) that it was a charity because that had a dismal first couple of auctions.

That was it!

It was my first tour/convention and will definitely do it again :) I just wish, like many today, that it wasn’t so expensive to attend!

Thanks to @OzTwilightTwit for her wonderful synopsis of the day and the pics. 

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