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Blog & Pics from Sydney TwiCon (Part 1)- thanks to @OzTwilightTwit

@OzTwilightTwit 's blog of the day:

The day started off at 8:30am with standing in line on a cool Sunday morning, hoping that the heavens didn't open up whilst we waited outside. I didn't realise then, how many more times I’d have to 'stand in line'. A line to buy merchandise, tokens, for photos, the bathroom and even the vending machine to get a drink!
Once inside, I was took my seat and then it all started...

First up was photo time with all the cast members that came downunder:

Cameron Bright (Alec)
Christopher Heyerdahl (Marcus)
Charlie Bewley (Demitri)
Chaske Spencer (Sam)
Tinsel Korey (Emily)

(I got a photo with Chaske, Emily and Charlie - Squeee!!)

At 12pm, was the first Q&A session with Christopher (Chris) and Cameron (Cam).
The hilarity began from the get go. When Chris was being introduced to the stage, the cheers and claps died down because there was no Chris! The MC looked nervously to staff and then was informed that Mr Heyerdahl was in the bathroom! Everyone including the MC cracked up laughing.
There was some playful ribbing and bro hugs between Cam and Chris which had me in stitches. Chris is seriously one funny man!

So here's a quick summary of that session:
  • Chris says he knows its popular opinion that people think Marcus always looks bored thanks to Bella (she actually mentions this in the book). Chris explains that Marcus prefers to observe and take it all in. He isn't interested in Aro's games.
  • Yes, Marcus doesn’t say much but each word means something (quality rather than quantity)
  • Cam & Chris agree that the cast are close knit and they found it easy to join and be a part of the 'circle'
  • Cam - Working with Dakota was great and didn't really hang out too much between takes because both had to study with a tutor for school. Dakota was closer with Kristen because they were going to be working together again for The Runaways
  • From the edge of the stage, Charlie started 'spit balling' Cam - funny stuff!
  • Cam did a hilarious impression of Charlie saying "Charlie bit me" in an exaggerated English accent which cracked me up (guess you had to be there for that one)
  • If Cam and Chris could chose to play another character, Cam would be Jacob and Chris would choose Jane (big laughs from that one)
  • What it's like to be a vampire? Cam: clothes and the hand painted red contact lenses. Chris: Being able to twinkle in the sunlight lol
  • When asked which team - both boys said Team Jacob (although Alec did try it on with Team Volturi!)
  • Favourite scene? Chris: The only one we are in (roar of laughter followed that line)
  • If you can choose another power? Cam: Jane's power. Chris: Edward's - the gift of reading a woman’s mind
  • Any weird fan moments? Cam & Chris agree that the fans have been very nice. They do recall a funny moment in Brisbane. Two fans were following them and everytime Cam & Chris would turn around, the fans would try to hide or pretend that they weren't following them
  • Funniest moments on Set: 
Cam: The Voluri 'float' so they need to be attached to a harness to be off the ground a few inches. Poor Dakota had a rather bushy path and keep getting knocked about by trees or thick bush (he reinacted it on stage and it was pretty funny)

Chris: As shown on the end of the latest trailer, you see Rob being thrown in the air and then onto steps (which explode at impact) inside the Volturi chamber. Well, As soon as the shoot as the director called cut, Rob, who is still on the floor amidst the rubble turns his head to Chris (Marcus) and says 'Those are really nice slippers, where did you get them? Very random!

PART 2 Coming up later today !!!

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