Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Twilight Event - DUBLIN November 15th 2009 with Very Special Guest

 The 'New Moon' rises for hundreds of fans in Ireland
Irelands first 'Twilight' themed event will feature an actor from the first film. Solomon Trimble, who appeared in the movie 'Twilight' (2008) will be attending the "New Moon Release Party" on Sunday 15th Nov' 2009 at the Crowne Plaza hotel, Dublin, Ireland. 
This is an all day celebration of the Twilight Saga, books and movies. Fans can take part in a table quiz
competition; activities based around the vampiring theme, ask Solomon about his experience on set,
and watch the first movie, 'Twilight' (2008).

This unique event offers a table quiz that will challenge the most avid reader. Fans can eat Twilight
themed food while discussing the up coming release of  'New Moon' (2009). Listen to Solomon
recite some of his poetry inspired by the series. Fans can fall in love with the Cullen's, all over
again, as they get another chance to see them on the big screen in 'Twilight' (2008). 
This event has been set to coincide with the New Moon movie release date.

Solomon Trimble (Mescalero Apache, Lakota) was born in Wichita Kansas. Solomon has been a
traditional Native American Grass Dancer since the age of 3. Solomon could not afford to be
classically trained to continue towards a degree in music, so he graduated in 2005, with an
Associates of Science in Mathematics and graduated spring 2008 from Portland State University
with a Bachelors in Mathematics, and a Philosophy Minor. Solomon was offered the role of 'Sam
Uley' in Twilight by director Catherine Hardwicke when he accompanied his brother to an audition
for a minor role. He learnt to speak Quileute for the film and taught a few words to other cast
The Director of the New Moon Release Party, comments on Solomon's appearance: “We are
thrilled to have Solomon join us on November 15th. His dedication to his role in the first film was
outstanding and hopefully the fans can get a sense of that during his time at the event.”
Tickets are available through the events website:

I have bought my ticket, have you?

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