Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Famous scans & article synopsis (Magazine from Australia)

Ok so according to Famous (Oz) : "Robert Pattinson has given Kristen Stewarts' ex-bofriend Michael Angarano a very stern warning to stay well away from his Twilight co-star and real-life love interest." Rob is reported to have told Michael to "stay away from her & get out of her life" after discovering that Michael was trying to win Kristen back. "Kristen confessed to Robert that Michael has been bombarding her with text messages - Rob hit the roof, he has been chasing Kristen for a long time and had to patiently wait for her. Now its making his blood boil that Michael is using the very same technique - text messages - that Rob used when he was trying to win Kristen over when her relationship with Michael was coming to an end. Kristen assured Rob (whom she is shacked up with in Sheraton Hotel) that she is no longer interested in her ex. The source continues to say "She told Rob that she feels sorry for Michael after everything thats happened and feels guilty cutting contact completely."
Famous also report the now over heard 'Love Nest' story. 
 The Wedding Dress- Famous reports on InStyle US story that top designers are already designing the most hotly awaited wedding dress 'since Princess Dianas', They also give the impression that the wedding dress or should we say the wedding will be in 'Eclipse' when real fans know that that is not the case.
Famous - On Ashley & Xavier - "|Just weeks after hooking up with Chace Crawford, Ashley has moved onto 'Eclipse' newcomer Xavier Samuel. All the girls on set were wondering who was going to get their hands on the new guy as Rob is already taken by Kristen "- says the source
"Ashley is happy to show off her 'big score' and has been snapped out on dates with him.It's like she wants the world to know he is hers.
Chace Crawford is reportedly 'Not Happy' and they also report on all of Ashleys hook-ups saying 'She certainly has a type'

On Kellan at a Gas station - "Kellan stopped on his way to a shoot to do some DIY" i.e. get gas & change a tyre. His 'manliness' increased 100% becasue he put on a singlet. 

All of this *cough, trash, couugh* kind of makes this blogger feel the need for another shower this morning but ill let you make up your own mind. Feel free to comment.

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