Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Some of your favourite quotes from Twilight movie rec'd via Twitter - Part 2

"Apparently no one here is good enough for him. Ha, Like I care" - Jessica to Bella in Canteen about Edward

"Kids love those little bottles, though" - Whalen to Bella in coffee shop

"Its okay jasper , you won't hurt her" -Alice to Jasper when Bella comes to meet Edwards family (the look on edwards face = LOL) 

"You can kiss your license goodbye" - Charlie to Tyler in the hospital, (Billy Burke steals the scene, again)

James: "It's always the same inane questions. Who are you?" Victoria: "What do u want?" James: "Why are you doing this?" Laurent: "James let's not play with our food"...before the trio kill Whalen

"Money, sex, money, sex... Cat!" - Edward mind reading the diners in the restaurant to Bella - I love this one.

Edward: "What did you expect? Coffins and dungeons and motes?" Bella: "No, not the motes" - Edward to Bella after she admires his home. 

"Badly as in, I would become the meal" - Bella to the Cullens after Rosalie expresses her opinion on the Edward & Bellas relationship.

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