Monday, October 22, 2012

MTV's The Twi-Fight Saga:
Help Decide The Best 'Twilight' Character!

The first round of the "Twi-Fight Saga" starts today at!

It's Vampire -V- werewolf -V- human as MTV News hosts this battle to end all battles!
64 Twilight-characters have entered the competition, but only one will emerge the Twi-Fight Saga champion — and who it is, is all up to you!

Here's how it will work:
Each week, fans will vote for their favourites in a head-to-head battle until only two are left to duke it out in one final face-off. The pair of finalists will be announced November 8, with the ultimate Twi-Fight champion crowned November 12!

Where will your alliances lie?

Twi-Fight Table - 22nd October 2012

Edward  -vs-   Kebi                      Bella  -vs-  Stefan
Irina  -vs-Alec       Renee  -vs-Marcus
Seth  -vs-Tia       Leah  -vs-Vladimir
James  -vs-Peter       Victoria  -vs-Senna
Mike  -vs-Benjamin        Billy Black  -vs-Eleazar
Esme  -vs-Chelsea       Charlie Swan  -vs-Nettie
Embry  -vs-Angela       Demetri  -vs-Tyler
Carlisle  -vs-Liam              Rosalie  -vs-Charlotte
Jacob  -vs-Amun              Alice  -vs-Charles
Jared  -vs-Quil              Garrett  -vs-Emily
Jessica  -vs-Tanya              Riley  -vs-Carmen
Jane  -vs-Zafrina              Sam  -vs-Nahuel
Laurent  -vs-Kate              Bree  -vs-Alistair
Aro  -vs-Lucy              Renesmee  -vs-Maria
Felix  -vs-Eric              Paul  -vs-Caius
Emmett  -vs-Siobhan              Jasper  -vs-Maggie
Cast your vote by CLICKING HERE now!

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