Sunday, September 30, 2012

‘Breaking Dawn Part 2' Soundtrack Release Date November 13th & Pre-Order Info!

Updated with Official OST Cover! has listed the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack release date as November 13th! Pre-orders are now available on the US Site and UK site.

So far, we know that Passion Pit and Iko (the background music we heard during the Breaking Dawn Part 2 clip shown at Target in February), are both definitely on the soundtrack, however, Christina Perri has also hinted that she could be on it as well.

Amazon is usually pretty good with info like this, but do bear in mind that no official announcement has yet come from Chop Shop Records so the date COULD potentially change!

Who would you like to hear on the soundtrack?
Robert Pattinson has been dying to get back in to the music-scene so could he be a part of it? Or is that wishful thinking?

We've already had awesome soundtrack-music from the likes of Muse, Paramore, The Black Keys and Bon Iver (to name but a few) so I have high hopes for the Breaking Dawn Part 2 music!

Thanks to Twilight Examiner for the tip! :) 

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  1. All of the above,I love all of them, non ivor especially!:)