Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Stephenie Meyers 'The Host':
Which characters are left to cast?

So far, several of the main characters in Stephenie Meyer's newest book-to-film adaptation "The Host" (expected to hit theaters March 29th, 2013.) have been cast.

As it stands, here's the list of who's been cast for which roles:
  • Saoirse Ronan for "Melanie Stryder"/"Wanda"
  • Diane Kruger for "The Seeker"
  • William Hurt for "Jeb"
  • Jake Abel - "Ian O'Shea"
  • Max Irons - "Jared Howe"
  • Chandler Canterbury - "Jamie Stryder"
  • Boyd Holbrook - "Kyle O'Shea"
There are still a ton of characters for which casting announcements have not yet been made. So who's left? Here are a few of the more pertinent roles.
  • "Maggie" - She's a bit of a villain in the story, as she refuses to accept "Wanda" even after most people have come around to her. She's also "Jeb's" sister and the mother to "Sharon." She's got dark grey hair.
  • "Sharon" - She shares her mother's distaste for "Wanda." She has reddish hair and is around the same age as "Melanie."
  • "Doc" - He's the in-cave medic for the human group who helps "Wanda" at the end. He's tall and thin with blondish hair.
  • "Walter" - This was one of the nicer and more trusting humans of the bunch. He befriends "Wanda" and even confuses her for his own wife after he falls ill. He's an older man with white hair.
  • "Wes" - Human victim of "The Seeker." He's a teenager with black hair.
  • "Lily" - Humorous and light-hearted human who gives "Wanda" a chance pretty early on. She's in her twenties and is described to have caramel skin.
  • "Jodi" - Human who was inhabited by the soul "Sunny." Because of "Wanda's" information, her boyfriend "Kyle" mistakenly believed she could be separated from the soul. She's described as short.

For those of you who have read the book (and maybe even those who have only read the descriptions above), who do you think should be chosen for these roles?
Do you think any more of The Host characters should make it to into the film?

via Twilight Examiner

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