Friday, November 25, 2011

UK Bel Ami Release Date to be March 2nd 2012?

Robert Pattinson’s next film, Bel Ami, is tipped to hit UK (and Irish) cinema’s on March 2nd 2012. 
Are you all ready for gorgeous Georges DuRoy?

It's about time we got a release date for this!
It's already been just over three months since the trailer was leaked ;)

Are you excited for it? Will you be going to see it in the cinemas?


  1. how come bel ami is been advertised for friday 9th march, but not one cinema has it, including the uk too?

  2. It is up for the UK and Ireland cinemas!
    Check out the cineworld/vue websites :)

    Cineworld here:

    and Vue here:

  3. i have storm cinema where i live and when i went to get tickets they told me it wasn't coming out and they had no record of it. even though it was on their website under coming soon.