Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Theater-board poster for Breaking Dawn - Part 1 previewed

Summit Caption:
This October, see Bella, Edward and Jacob - larger than life and in a theater lobby near you

Summit Entertainment, via the Twilight Facebook Page, has shared a first-glimpse of the theatrical stand-up posters we'll be seeing across the country's cinemas this coming October as The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 nears it's release.

The posters are pretty good, right? It's the first time we've seen any cardboard character features of the wolves in wolf form. And it feels like they're jumping right out at you!

The thing that we've come to learn about Part 1 - mostly thanks to the second trailer - is that there'll be elevated wolfpack drama in the film. It was present in the book's story, to be sure, but it's obviously going to be even more present in the film.

This makes sense, since we're not going to see any showdown with the Volturi until Part 2, and every Twilight Saga movie to-date has had a battle of some sort . . .
So, no need to stray too far from the mark on that. Not to mention, it'll be nice to actually see that storyline play out on-screen.

via: Twilight Examiner

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  1. yeah, its nice. Will the wolves be made out of a different card? like, as though it's in 3d? Hope so.
    Team Jacob forever <3

  2. Is it just me or does anyone else have a problem with the posters being released for Breaking Dawn. Both Edward and Bella look like they've age twenty years since Eclipse, Jacob just looks bored and what is the story with the hair every looks like they have had the worse dye job in history!!! I get that its a visual thing with dawn rising in the back round but really ??!!