Saturday, January 8, 2011

Small Rob mention in today's "Irish Daily Mirror".

"Move over Colin Farrell - there's a new Hollywood star in town and he's taking your lead role.
The Dublin actor, 34, has been forced to give up his starring role in David Cronenberg's new thriller Cosmopolis to sexy British Twilight star Robert Pattinson who is 10 years his junior.
A source said: "Colin is out of the adaptation of Don DeLillo's novel Cosmopolis and Robert is in."
It is understood Farrell, 34, had to withdraw from the film after he accepted the lead in the remake of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Total Recall.
Despite bowing out from this latest movie opportunity, he still has an action-packed 2011 ahead of him and will appear in three movies including At Swim To Birds, and Horrible Bosses.
Pattinson, 24, will start filming his role in Cosmopolis in May and will play financial wizard Eric Packer, who is trying to get his father's barber to get a haircut."

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