Monday, December 28, 2009

Xavier Samuel on Handling Fame

Adelaide Now Reports: 

DRESSED in jeans and scuffed boots and climbing out of a beaten-up Ford Falcon, Xavier Samuel looked like any other young bloke when he turned up for his city hair appointment on Thursday.

That was only because the hordes of teenage girls who have been following his every move on the internet for the past few months were nowhere to be seen - they didn't even know he was in town.
International paparazzi have hounded the former Adelaide drama student since he landed a role in the third Twilight movie, Eclipse, which completed filming in Canada two months ago.
Due to be released next June, the film, which also stars Twilight leads Kristen Stewart and heart-throb Robert Pattinson, is set to make Samuel, 25, a major Hollywood star.
This week he was enjoying some downtime in his home town, where he caught up with mates at Rundle St spots The Exeter and Sugar nightclub, before spending Christmas relaxing with his mum Maree and dad Clifford, brother Benedict, 21, and sister Bridget, 28.

"It's a bizarre thing, the whole celebrity phenomenon," Samuel told the Sunday Mail.
"But to see it in action is another thing. It's a little strange having someone follow you to get a coffee.
"I wasn't used to that sort of attention, so I just took it in my stride, I guess.
"I think Robert and Kristen do a really good job in dealing with fans.
"They seem to handle it really well, so if I can take a leaf out of their book I should be OK."
Life in the US has also given Samuel a chance to catch up with fellow Adelaide actor Teresa Palmer, a former castmate from the local indy film 2:37.
"Teresa and I actually spent Halloween in LA together," he said.

"It was my first Halloween and I went as a Canadian because I just came back from Vancouver. It just involved me putting on a cap, I didn't really put a lot of effort in. It was either that or go as a Playboy bunny."
Samuel may have a celebrity lifestyle, but he certainly doesn't have a car to match - he bought his canary yellow Falcon with Benedict for just $500.
After the New Year, the two are planning to drive it to Sydney, where Benedict is studying at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts.

"The car only has a tape deck, so that's what we've been asking everyone for Christmas - car tapes," he laughed.
"We were listening to a fair bit of '50s rock and roll on the way here."
Meanwhile, Samuel has an obvious tip for Twilight fans wanting the inside scoop on the new film: "If you want to know what happens in the movie, just read the book."


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