Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I.T.S Year in Review 2009 / Happy New Year

Ok folks, since it's almost 2010 I thought I would give you a brief overview of the Irish Twilight Sisters year in 2009 but then I realised I'm a wordy cow so it probably won't be that brief and I have a lot to cover.

Where to start: Well it all started with my little obsession over the books in the Twilight saga which I am now loathe to admit I was forced to read (Thank you Karen) - Like most other un-informed people I was under the illusion that 'Twilight' was for teenagers and i'm now very happy to say - No it is not.

After I read the first book in about 6 hours and then read the rest of them within a week I was hooked and life as I knew it changed forever. On a personal note, for those who don't know me I have a condition called M.E/ CFS and a side effect of this is chronic insomnia. So what did I do with my endless nights - I trawled the internet for Twi news of course. I discovered countless websites that were either Robert Pattinson related or Taylor Lautner related and some that covered the whole series but I hadn't found an Irish site that satisfied my yearning for news. *Lightbulb moment*

Through Twitter one night I discovered that Peter Facinelli (aka Dr.Carlisle Cullen) would be in Dublin the very next day and having never met any celebrities of note I was determined that Peter would be my first. So off I trundled into Dublin city and stood for 3 hours amidst hordes of teenagers and some older people like myself and met some lovely people in the queue and eventually I got to meet Peter. I then proceeded to flirt my ass off with him and discovered he is truly charming. I told him I would like to play the part of Siobhan in Breaking Dawn & he said I would have made a great Victoria...I swooned!!

So that was it - I was hooked. I went home and thought about the website for a couple of weeks and eventually I decided it was now or never. So on the 7th of August '09 I posted my first article and Irish Twilight Sisters was born.

Now, being a woman of a certain age I was always 'Team Edward' because, well, Taylor/Jacob is still a child and well really Robert Pattinson is just too divine for words so naturally my first post was about Robert. My nights (& days) were now filled with finding Twi news and bringing it to Irish readers of the blog.

Through twitter however I was starting to get a following from all over the world. I became great buddies with a lass in Australia - you know her as OzTwilightTwit - I know her as Mel aka my sister from another mister. We are two peas in a pod / seperated at birth kinda gals. We spent many a night (for me) & morning (for her) (time difference) yapping the ears off each other on twitter and im sure telling everyone else how crazy we were. Luckily she is Team Jacob so there were no fights over who got Rob (A girl can dream).

Clearly - I win.

So as my twitter followers increased (the timeline gets a bit fuzzy here) I got to talking to someone called @TwilightEvent & someone else called @IrishTwiFans. Now these lassies seemed reasonably sane of mind so I went to meet them in Dublin (in a public place - my husband thought I was going to be kidnapped) and we bonded over an italian meal and our lives changed yet again. Lynda (TE) and Jess (ITF) were both a force to be reckoned with. Jess will one day rule the world im sure and Lynda will organise the event to celebrate it.

Lynda was organising the first ever Irish Twilight Event and Jess & I decided to pitch in and help out as best we could. Then came the mini-event where we could meet other fans who were coming to pick up their tickets and this is where I met the absolutely gorgeous & delicious Lorri. As with Mel, she fast became a bosom *wink* buddy. (Lorri knows what im winking at).

Soon enough, Lynda, Jess and I were conspiring to increase the Irish Fan base even more and together we created the Irish Twilight Fan Association. Through that we were contacted by the PR company for New Moon and we were able to run a competition to bring 40 Irish fans to the UK for the New Moon fan event. A red carpet affair where the holy trinity aka Rob, Kristen & Taylor would be. The squeals im sure could be heard the length & breadth of the country. So one cold November day we all set off to London and a day of epic ness ensued.
We made sure we to the front of the stage....for this...

We got 'this' close to them....We always moaned about the screams when your watching the cast but to be honest you just cant help yourself...I admit we screamed...a lot.

Check out some videos from the day on my You Tube Channel

Alas, that day had to end :( but it ended in style...kind of...It ended with me being ill (what's new) & being looked after by Jess & Lorri and then to top the whole day off some girls we met and fell in love with (Shivvy, Trish and Joanne) bringing us McDonalds at 1am in the morning in our room in the hostel we were staying in. (The Glamour eh?). I wont even tell you the saga we had in the airport on the way home the next day but needless to say, someone got left behind and I was brought to the departure gate in a wheelchair (Jess - again you rock).
The Irish-Twi-Girls rule...that is all.

Somewhere in the madness I got a Twi related tattoo - yes I know you may scoff but I love it.

Pretty much as soon as we got home from London it was time for the first ever Irish Twilight Event hosted by Lynda who had managed to get the wonderfully charming Solomon Trimble from the first movie over. He was so nice, and he read us some of his poetry he had written as Sam to Emily - basically he had a roomful of women eating out of his hand.

Once the event was over it was time to get ready for New Moon. A few of us were lucky enough to get tickets to the press screening the night before the official release and we weren't left disappointed. The night of the official release we queued for six hours in Vue cinemas in Liffey Valley to be the first in the queue and get our VIP seats. The managers in the cinema took great care of us even though im sure they thought we were crazy.

Having re-discovered mylove of writing again I started my own FanFiction story and things with the blog got even busier so I needed help to run it. I asked the only two people who positively sprung to mind, as soon as I had the idea, to help me and they were more than willing. So now with the help of Mel and Lorri the blog is updated and pimped out like you wouldnt believe.

 So that was it..we had worked our little behinds off for the movie release, the website setups, the competitions, the trip to London and was it worth it? Hell yes!!

Here is to 2010 when we can do it all over again (bigger and better) for 'Eclipse'.

We hope to meet many more Twilight fans from Ireland and the rest of the world as we continue in the saga madness. So follow us on Twitter, hop on the crazy train. Get in, sit down, shut up and hold's a wild ride. 

Wishing you a Happy New Year & all the best for 2010

love from
Mel & Lorri

Thanks to all our fabulous twitter followers and the girls we spend our nights & days chatting our merkins off with. We cant wait to meet you all - someday, somewhere, soon.

Thank you to all the graphics / photo / website contributors who help or share the information with us throughout the year.

Too many to mention but special thanks must go to the following sites: 
Thinking of Rob; Robsessedblog; RPLife ; Spunk Ransom; Edwardcullennet; Cullen Boys Anonymous; Twilight Lexicon;; RPAustralia; Gossip Cop; E!News-TheAwfulTruth

If I have forgotten anything major feel free to let me know and ill add it in - I do have short term memory so im not the most reliable when it comes to things like this LOL


  1. Thanks for sharing your story. I must have been one of the first people to look at your site because I started haunting the Twilight workd around the first of August!

    You are on my favorite list and I check your site every morning and evening!

    I really enjoy seeing the UK magazine scans and stories from the other magazines from your country. Also, I like how you do not feed into the gossip crap that is all over the internet.

    Sorry to hear about your having M.E/CFS. I have a friend who suffers from it.

    Keep up the good work over there on your side of the pond!

    Post Falls ID
    54 year old Twilight Fan

  2. I am not a die hard Twilighter by any means, did not see Twilight until came out on Pay Per View (since have watched my DVD copy many times) but am however fascinated with the general Vampire and Werewolf mythology and that part of the craze I join in on and gladly say can get in the middle of. I have only sadly to say read New Moon and loved the book, saw the movie first at the theatre the very first weekend it came out and what an experience that was. All the screaming kids and their oh so patient parents of all ages and the sold out lines and the packed auditoriums for the movie showing. I think this is bigger than the Harry Potter stuff and yeah for the vamp lovers everywhere we rock..

    Love to follow your info on Twitter and you people are dedicated and very informative too, thanks for all your hard work in 09 and here is to 2010 and more fun on both sides of the pond...

    Jackie B Central Texas