Monday, November 30, 2009

FAMOUS Mag (AU): The Dark Side of Twilight (drugs, grudges etc)

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Quite a disturbing article about how ‘controlling’ Summit are allegedly being over their ‘cash cow’ stars.

They have apparently:
  • Stopped Robsten from neither confirming or denying their ‘relationship’
  • In damage control over those KStew pot smoking/supporting pics resurfacing again. They’re hell bent in keeping her image squeaky clean, a good role model to the mass of young teens/fans
The article also goes on to report a real life rift between RPattz & Taylor. It claims that’s the reason why KStew is in the middle of photo’s all the time (psst… FAMOUS… if you read the books, you’d find out there is a love triangle so it’s fitting to have her there). I personally think that it’s all nonsense.

Ashley feeling the pressure to slim down?? I’m not buying it.

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