Friday, October 30, 2009

WHO magazine Australia - Scans (click to enlarge)

ECLIPSE on set secrets!

Re: The Set Secrets 
  • Pattinson has a Vancouver based friend 'Sam Bradley' who drives him around the city in his white VW.
  • Kellan once wore Taylor's long wig and went out on the town, speaking french to boot.
  • Jacob & Bella share a steamy kiss and Taylor Lautner was reportedly "way into it" and stayed that way even after the director called 'Cut'.
Re: The Wrap Party - (Completely different take than OK! Mag) 

  • Guest Andrea Palmer quoted as saying Rob said "party was loud and crowded". He also said he was hungry and sick of sushi. He made a joke about fish in the tanks and on his plate. 
  • The absence of Kristen Stewart sparked rumours of a 'split' but Robert 'showed no sign of moping'
  • Before calling it a night he seemed in his element, sipping cocktails as Beluga whales swam by. A source said "he looked good, relaxed and was having a really good time with his friends."

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