Friday, October 30, 2009

OK! Magazine Australia scans (click to enlarge)

Please note that no money was spent towards this heinous atrocity of a magazine. This was passed onto us via a source who receives them free for an office environment. Seriously, no one should buy this magazine until they stop the inaccurate reporting. Join in the #boycottOKmag trend on twitter.

Some of the horror synopsised:

Taylor & Taylor
  • Taylor & Taylor Swift have gone public with their romance. 
  • The pair were photographed on their 'first official date' at a hockey game. 
  • They spent the night together in the Beverley Wiltshire hotel and did little to hide the fact the next morning. 
  • Will Taylor L. bring her to the New Moon premiere? Someone who might object is Selena Gomez - Taylor S's best friend and Taylor L's ex-girlfriend. 
On the Rob & Kristen issues:

  • Reports of trouble in paradise with the hot Twilight couple started when Rob turned up to the Eclipse wrap party alone and then left after 45 minutes. 
  • Rob hid under his baseball cap and wore shades at the party cos he was 'nursing a broken heart' after Kristen put the brakes on their relationship. (Honestly, Ok! I know you believe you were in their hotel room last week but no one else does!)
  • The reason for the break - Rob was talking marriage and Kristen wanted to spend more time with friends and family. 

Goodness me Ok! You  should publish this crap on FanFiction but they would probably remove it for gross over-exaggeration. 

Thanks as always to OzTwilightTwit our Aussie Correspondent. 

Please source The Irish Twilight Sisters if you repost all / part of this article. 


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