Friday, October 16, 2009

OK! Australia - Rob & Kristen 'Our Love Nest' & TayTay News - (Scans-click to enlarge)


  • Robert has opted to stay in Vancouver, on his week long break from filming, to be with Kristen who is still shooting scenes from 'Eclipse'.
  • OK USA reports 'They cant be apart, they're far too much in love right now to go anywhere without each other.
  • With crazed fans mobbing them everywhere they go, their hotel suite in Vancouver is the only place they get any peace - and with the entire 34th floor to yourself why would you complain.
  • When they do venture out they love to shop. When shopping in a vintage clothing store recently Rob paid for all the clothes, including Kristens. 
  • The store manager is reported as saying 'She (Kristen) objected when he (Rob) pulled out his wallet to pay, but he gave her this very cute look, like, "Dont do this again" and she just smiled. -They seem like they have been together for years - like an old married couple, but way hotter.
  • Life & Style mag is quoted as saying 'Kristen was all over Rob' recently at a night out at a steakhouse in VA. 'They sat very close, at one point she had her hand around his neck'.

  • Twilight hype has spilled over to another real-life romance between Taylor Lautner and country singer Taylor Swift.
  • The actor attended two of Taylor S.'s concerts in Chicago last week and was in the front row of both. 
  • He only has eyes for the 19 year old songstress.
  • When she spotted him in the crowd of her concert (next to her mother) she greeted him with a lingering, affectionate hug.
  • They spent the night together at a hotel, even though  Taylor L is underage - but dont worry their parents were there too!
Looks like its Taylor Lautners turn to share the blight of OK! mags fiction, forced upon Rob & Kristen every week. If OK! follow their usual style, then TayTay will be ensconced in a love nest soon, engaged in two weeks and have the wedding planned for his 18th birthday. Watch this space!! 

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Thanks to our Australian Correspondent OzTwilightTwit for the scans.

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  1. Taylor Lautner "hooked up" with Australian Isabelle Lucas recently i heard