Friday, October 16, 2009

Breaking Dawn to be in 2 parts - Breaking News???


According to The Portlander 'Breaking Dawn' WILL be made and WILL be in two parts.

The Article
" Breaking Dawn, the fourth film in the Twilight series, has created an enormous amount of buzz on Twitter, blogs, and even on casting websites—so much so that casting director Lana Veenker had to post a blog (The Casting Scoop) just to tell people to stop contacting her, because she hadn’t been contracted to cast the film. New Moon, in theaters on November 11, and Eclipse, which just wrapped, were both shot in Vancouver, B.C. But the original Twilight movie was shot right here in Portland, and we’ve all been wondering:

Will they stay in Vancouver or come back to Portland?

I made some calls to Los Angeles and spoke to a couple of industry insiders who would only speak to me off the record. The studio spokesperson I talked with most recently gave me the party line and said the rumors of Breaking Dawn coming to Portland are completely false. He said the press releases are fabricated, the third movie (Eclipse) is just wrapping, the fourth movie isn’t greenlit, it’s too soon to say anything about the fourth film… I appreciate the fact that he actually returned my phone call.

Now do you want the real scoop? Of course you do. Twilight is coming back to Portland.

I can’t tell you how I know this, but I know this. According to a very reliable source, there are two production companies involved: Summit Entertainment and Sunswept Entertainment. The movie will be split into two separate films. Breaking Dawn Part 1 will most likely begin shooting in March of 2010 (despite rumors putting the start date as September 2010), which puts filming right smack-dab on the same schedule as Leverage. Portland will look like the backlot of Universal with Leverage and then the two Breaking Dawn movies shooting back to back.

Rumor has it that Karen Rosenfelt, producer at Sunswept Entertainment and the daughter of MGM Chairman & CEO Frank Edward Rosenfelt, is onboard for Breaking Dawn. I called Rosenfelt, and she was unavailable for comment."

So, what do you think? True / False. The mere fact that they cant even get the release date for New Moon correct throws their story under suspicion to me, not to mention the line 'I cant tell you how I know this but I know this'. I think this might be one for GossipCop to investigate.

View the article at original source here

Thanks to Lynda for the tip :)

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