Friday, August 28, 2009

Rob & Sam are Renaissance Men (also early Happy Birthday to Sam)

Examiner Reports: Robert Pattinson turned 23 years old in May 2009 and now, his best friend, Sam Bradley, is turning the big ole 23 on Saturday, August 29th.

Both Sam and Rob are renaissance men. Renaissance is simply an older term referring to the early modern era, when ancient scientific and artistic knowledge was revisited in a flurry of creation. The Renaissance man of Shakespeare’s world was an interesting character. He was brave, courageous and bold, alright, but if he wanted to earn the admiration of his contemporaries, he needed a sense for art, social skills, dance, and good manners. It also didn’t hurt his reputation any if he could be counted on for a song or a sonnet when the situation called for one. Manliness was multi-faceted – a bit like Rob Pattinson and Sam Bradley of today. Actors and singer/songwriters like Rob and Sam, are young men who embrace their feminine side as well as their masculine side. They have to in order to emote the powerful feelings and emotions in their music and in Rob’s case, his acting, as well. Sensitivity and feelings, power and courage, were seen not in opposition of one another, but in balance in Shakespeare’s day. And, Rob and Sam both display this renaissance quality today. Rob, the renaissance man. Sam, the renaissance man.

Sam and Rob are both renaissance men who know that romance, vulnerability and sensitivity are the very things that women love and this is clearly felt in both Sam’s and Rob’s music, as well as Rob’s acting. (If any of you saw Rob in Little Ashes and Twilight, you’ll understand this statement.) Somehow, these two 23 year old men know how to uncover the language of the heart.

August 29th is Sam’s day and this young man who grew up in England and has lived all over the world, has a lot to celebrate. In conjunction with his birthday, Sam is releasing his first EP with directions on how to download his music on his new website: In addition to this, Sam released his first music video, “Sea Blue” just a few days ago. His music video clearly depicts a renaissance man of the 21st century – sensitive, soulful, beautiful, artistic, yet masculine and powerful. Sam’s music explores his intrinsic connection to himself and ultimately, to romance. A renaissance man’s signature. Sam’s music engages our heart and soul, not merely our well-honed intellect.

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